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The competition has started

We jokingly named our new corporate challenge “The Walking Dead 2”, and it started today – March 28!

There are exactly 4 weeks of step counting ahead of each of the 9 members of our tireless team. We will sum up the results on April 25, and there will be several winners.

Firstly, in the individual competition the staff member who make more steps than everyone else will single-handedly win.
Secondly, we have a “team standings”. The great random divided us into three teams of three people:
1) Super Run (Dmitry Stroev, Elena Foigel, Ilya Paev);
2) “Osteochondrosis” (Evgeny and Alexander Fedoseev, Ilya Hurani);
3) “Knight’s move” (Maria Stefan, Anton Aleksandrov, Nikita Kirilyuk).
The winner will be the team that takes more steps in total than the other two, but not less than 550,000 steps for three.

Prizes – desirable for each of us in Yohoho Games: a personal gift for a personal victory – cool sneakers, for a team victory – certificates to the sporting goods store for each member of the winning team.

The mood is excellent, ahead of a four-week struggle with periodic summing up of intermediate results! Good luck everyone!

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