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We are four!

You still need to look for such a decadent, active, cheerful, and upbeat corporate party! And we had one! We celebrated the 4th anniversary of the Yohoho Games a whole weekend, and we didn’t have too much. So what did we do on this momentous day?

We have tried as many activities for ourselves as many do not have time for a year. And only one day was enough for us.

The morning began early – at 9 o’clock, we all met on Predmostovaya Square. In a friendly company, we went to the Park of the Conquerors of Space – the one built around the landing site of Yuri Gagarin. We drove around the park far and wide. Fortunately, we were on electric scooters and were not tired at all. We visited both the place where the “capsule” fell and where Yuri Alekseevich himself landed. Engaging, informative, entertaining!

Then we went to Fort Boyard! Monsieur Passepartout met us, as expected, and accompanied us throughout the game. Here we competed between each other: in accuracy, speed, developed a love for insects and nasty cocktails, defining the composition to taste. We took away all the gold from the fort! Then we went to the center of Saratov for a mini-excursion for the guests of our city. We had lunch and went to the Hermes country complex.

An excursion to the equestrian club, horseback riding, relaxing in the pool, beach volleyball, and, finally, a gala dinner with warm wishes to each other, cool gifts for each employee from the company – it all happened to us in the afternoon.

Happy, contented, grateful, now we remember this day exclusively with a smile!

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