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5 years ago the Yohoho Games Company appeared!

Yohoho Games, Happy 5th Anniversary! 🎉🎆

Yes-ah, our company turned 5 years old in July of this year!
5 years of establishing all processes, the arrival of new employees, and the forced separation from the old ones! 5 years of new projects, updates of old ones, launches, testing, ups and downs! 5 years of friendship and good relations! These are exceptional, very cool 5 years, and there are witnesses of the process of the company’s formation from the first day of its foundation – our “old men” (the founders and Nikita)!

We approached the round date as part of 9 people, a well-coordinated team with a high level of self-organization, motivation, and interaction! We are:
— CEO and co-founder of the company Evgeny Fedoseev,
— Сo-founder and developer Alexander Fedoseev,
— Product Manager and Lead Unity 3D Developer Nikita Kirilyuk,
— Project Manager and Lead Unity 3D Developer Dmitry Stroev,
— Art Lead and concept artist Anton Alexandrov,
— Project Manager and Lead Unity 3D Developer Ilya Hourani,
— Game Designer, Level Designer Ilya Paev,
— QA engineer Maria Stefan,
— public relations specialist Elena Foigel.

What do all these people think about working at Yohoho Games? 😸 Something like this:
💭 “Through thorns to the stars!”
💭 “Some kind of work was going on in his brain — God knows what, but in any case interesting.” Jack London, from The Path of False Suns.
💭 “Working at Yohoho is doing what you love from morning to night.”
💭 “Wake up with a smile, burst into the office in the morning – with an even bigger smile.”
💭 “Soulful and melodious!”

Who works well, rests well, and vice versa. We grandly celebrated our mini-anniversary, we are waiting for breakthrough projects from ourselves!

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